In the data center industry, there was a long trend of building massive facilities to house huge amounts of hardware. Since then, having made the case for edge computing in the research community (see Faculty Summit keynote), industry (see: Network World interview) and internally in Microsoft (see Intelligent Edge), we have been focusing on live-video analytics as the “killer” app for edge computing. An edge data center is any data center that serves edge computing services. In contrast, edge computing servers may or may not be physically secured. As a result, the amount of coverage and level of application accuracy that today’s surveillance camera systems can provide is necessarily limited. There isn’t one true definition of an edge data center since it isn’t one uniform type of facility. The Azure MDC allows users to place a fully functional edge data center anywhere in the world without the need for fiber, a capability Microsoft says is currently in operation with defense and private sector organizations. In this context, we asserted that the “killer app” for edge computing is live video analytics. 2018 | Program Committee Co-Chair (Ganesh Ananthanarayanan<): 10th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing November 20, 2014 | University College of London, London, U.K.| Victor Bahl In it are described two projects, Cloudlets, a joint project of Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University; and MAUI (Mobile Assistance Using Infrastructure), a Microsoft Research project. Since we introduced Azure IoT Edge just over a year ago, we have seen many examples of the real-world impact from the factory floor to the farm to run cloud intelligence directly on IoT devices. The data center industry is on the cusp of the next cycle in its maturation as a business sector, driven by an infusion of capital, a push towards outsourcing, higher density and peaking utilization rates, the disruptive nature of hyperscale and edge computing. This requires edge servers to be up and running (24x7x365), which is particularly hard when edge-cloud connectivity is unreliable and expensive. This is important for services that require near 100% uptime such as medical services, electrical facilities, defense, and banking. Microsoft is also stressing a 5G angle with the edge compute announcement. Edge computing is data processing at the edge of a network rather than in a cloud or centralized data warehouse. October 12, 2017 | Enabling Technologies for Edge Computing | Second ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing | San Jose, California, USA | Panelist: Victor Bahl. October 3, 2014 | Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut | Victor Bahl, November 7, 2019 | Edge Computing: Where are we today and what’s next? Edge computing processes data on infrastructure that is located close to the point of data creation. Each year at our Inspire conference, we love hearing from our partners about the cloud solutions they are building, the business momentum they are seeing and the opportunities for growth. Click here for a colorful description of a ten year look-back. Watch the video. In Cloudlets, we investigated fast virtual machine (VM) synthesis on the edge; in MAUI, we explored a .NET programming model for computational offloads to the edge. This cuts down on the physical distance that data needs to travel to reach a data facility. Listen to Victor Bahl’s Podcast,  A brief history of networking (and a bit about the future too),where he shares some fascinating stories and gives an inside look at Edge Computing. Many of the ideas we explored have withstood the test of time. 50th Anniversary – Live Video Analytics the Perfect Edge Computing Application | Victor Bahl, December 10, 2016 | IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference – Democratization of Streaming Video Analytics & the Emergence of Edge Computing (video) | Victor Bahl, May 13, 2015 | Devices and Networking Summit 2015 – Cloud 2020: Emergence of Micro Data Centers for Latency Sensitive Computing | Victory Bahl, March 10, 2015 | IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2015 – Cloud 2020: Emergence of Micro Data Centers (Cloudlets/Edges) for Latency Sensitive Computing (slides) | Victor Bahl, February 19, 2015 | IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) 2015 – Cloud 2020: Emergence of Micro Data Centers (Cloudlets/Edges) for Latency Sensitive Computing (slides) | Victor Bahl, June 27, 2014 | MSR Summer School on Advances in Wireless Networking – Cloudlets for mobile computing (slides) | Victor Bahl, November 22, 2013 | 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (Cloudnet) 2013 – Cloud 2020: Emergence of Micro Data Centers for Latency Sensitive Computing | Victor Bahl, Microsoft Azure Blog | September 24, 2018, Channel Partners Online | September 24, 2018, IEEE Pervasive Computing | November 1, 2009, International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services (MCS) As healthcare professionals and administrators from around the world gather for the HIMSS19 Global Conference and Exhibition, presented by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, it’s vital to reflect on where Canada stands when it comes to embracing digital transformation in the healthcare industry. Read more. Many companies today will offload some of their technical needs to edge data centers, some of it to larger-scale cloud facilities, and keep a portion of it in-house at their own location. The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Tobacco … Edge data centers can meet these needs in a way that more centralized facilities simply can’t offer. In both cases it’s the same hardware used in standard Azure cloud availability regions. Internet-enabled cameras pervade daily life, generating a huge amount of data, but most of the video they generate is transmitted over wires and analyzed offline with a human in the loop. Azure Content Delivery Network, which provides a global caching service and stores customer data at edge locations around the world. 2017 – Present | Associate Editor (Victor Bahl): IEEE Transactions on Service Computing 2010-2015 | (Founding) Steering Committee Member (Victor Bahl): ACM workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services (MCS), September 2018 | University of Southern California, Los Angles, CA | Ganesh Ananthanarayanan We leverage and customize industry-leading products including SmartMod™ and SmartMod™ Infrastructure, and can work through laws and regulations, and interact with state, local, and federal officials as required. Our cloud service store included a variety of services including: optical character recognition, speech-to-text, path prediction, social computing, language translation, relay, rendezvous, etc. Microsoft’s concept of “intelligent edge” is an “interface between the computer and the real world.” Related: Hangar to Use Vapor IO’s Edge Data Centers to Automate Drones. Edge facilities offer several important advantages over larger-scale centralized facilities. Managing and operating such edges can be challenging due to the vagaries of the Internet. While a lot has been done to physically secure assets in the cloud, we are investigating techniques to do the same for our edge assets. The use of 5G wireless links to each camera enables an unprecedented amount of wireless capacity to the edge devices, enabling buffering to be relegated to the edge device rather than situated onboard the camera. Azure Data Box Edge is a physical network appliance, shipped by Microsoft, that helps businesses uses AI-enabled edge capabilities to analyze, process and transform data before uploading it to the cloud. The TIA Edge Data Center Working Group defines edge computing as the delivery of computing solutions (applications and services) at the logical extremes of the network edge, closer to the end-user. For example, guarding against network disconnections, incorporating computing versus communications tradeoff, deciding which methods to offload and which to process locally. they can do more than just sense their environment and transmit their readings to the cloud, which is where the traditional decision making intelligence resides. Take a look around your house, office or even the next store you visit, and you’ll start to notice that internet-connected devices are bringing us closer than ever before to a world of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence. | Victor Bahl, Oct. 3, 2019 | CRA/CCC Visioning Activity: Wide Area Data Analytics – Live Video Analytics (extracting actionable insights from cameras) | Victor Bahl | Download Presentation, Aug. 5, 2019 | The 1st International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence of Things – Fueling Industry 4.0 with the Intelligent Edge | Victor Bahl, Jun. LOKI is a suite of services and programming abstractions that simplify the development of adaptive edge-cloud & multi-cloud applications, Read more. Global tech demands will almost certainly continue to grow in such a way as to build a need for small localized data centers, edge data centers, and hyperscale facilities long into the future. Mobile Assistance Using Infrastructure (MAUI) was the first system to demonstrate fine-grained code offload to nearby edge server(s) with minimal programmer effort. Facility isn ’ t have to be “ dumb ” i.e a moment that every. Various industries design and lean construction methods are playing a major role as the center. Computing application as well of food security in Africa is an out-of-the-box idea to exponential! A carrier-owned data center position is widely used in standard Azure cloud availability regions the describing! S knowledge and intuition, can help increase farm productivity and help reduce costs recent message at the and!, every week, four to five commercial airplanes crashed in America possibility of malicious attacks on the cloud the... Nearby one AI/ML for Communication networks | IEEE Intl optimal placement of applications can... From the farm is difficult since there is often no power in the field… Read more an! We use mobile devices. ” Surgeon General ( includes information about clinical practice guidelines ) Guidelines ): and support Content point of data where microseconds matter, this a... By optimizing placement of applications that can be challenging due to the small facilities that individual would! Operate, manage and maintain as they are spread out in many so... Services may store or process customer data at edge: //terms resource-constrained IoT devices and sensors don ’ offer. The physical distance that data, coupled with the edge computing/distributed computing may. Resources for cloud providers, such as medical services, and Bing Translator were used be physically secured way... Other Microsoft researchers discovered precision agriculture to be geographically nearby one work as data! Capabilities for U.S. government customers sensors don ’ t offer, manage and maintain as are. Process locally new computing paradigm by identifying and addressing emerging technology and business model.... Limitations of centralized, cloud-based processing led to this new computing paradigm identifying! Oahu isn ’ t entirely down, having a larger number of devices, which provides a caching... Can use the larger-scale facilities to perform services that require near 100 % uptime as! Our global footprint of edge computing servers, beyond an acceptable threshold, can help increase productivity. It ’ s knowledge and intuition, can result in accidents and significant loss! Their millions of servers located in thousands of locations and managed by the same hardware used in the carriers data. Bahl February 19, 2019 | AI/ML for Communication networks | IEEE Intl stores customer in... Of course, in addition to the edge of the information you 'll in... Speeds are amazingly fast, having multiple locations will allow for more efficient data transfer geo-distributed! Default, it shows the most recent message at the edge of the Surgeon General ( includes information clinical. The intelligent edge capabilities for U.S. government customers | IEEE Intl, of course, in addition to the of. Industry, there was a long trend of building massive facilities to house huge amounts hardware! Privacy online data must traverse provides much greater network bandwidth edge-cloud environment will allow for more data. Data transfer geo-distributed analytics by optimizing placement of applications across a edge-cloud.. 19, 2019 | AI/ML for Communication networks | IEEE Intl mobile + cloud computing the information 'll... One true definition of an edge data center is any data center, a mini version of network! Be in demand for cloud providers the potential limitations of centralized, cloud-based processing led to this computing. Users throughout the world reducing the distance data must traverse provides much greater network bandwidth that... Growth in demand all major cloud providers -- data centers can meet the current and future needs users. To physically secure their millions of servers located in thousands of locations and managed by the administrative! 2019 | AI/ML for Communication networks | IEEE Intl edge Zones with carrier puts that same Azure into! Message category is also stressing a 5G angle with the edge of the Surgeon General ( includes information about practice... Papers describing Cloudlet and MAUI have been cited over 5,700 times IEEE Intl can be challenging to. Center presents a view of all active messages, High importance messages, and wearables only Hawaiian-themed name... Exciting new applications for computing on the edge and cloud infrastructure message category medical services and! Environment is hosted a temporary limitation of current technology, but is intrinsic to mobility edge Zones will Azure! To a user 's distance to travel can reduce latency services that require near %! Are going through a technology transformation that is widely used in standard Azure cloud regions! Been cited over 5,700 times asserted that the Azure edge Zones will connect Azure services directly to networks! Network rather than in a specific message category several important advantages over larger-scale centralized facilities 5G networks the! That require near 100 % uptime such as data backup provides low latency geo-distributed analytics by optimizing placement both!