This involves setting up a wall with holes to allow air to pass through. Deck fence screens are a common choice for windy patio issues. For Growing Edibles On Windy Balconies What To Plant A. Outdoor windscreens often come in a strong knitted design, made of strong material like polyethylene. In particular, the top bar (called the headrail) that the blinds hang from and slide along is usually not more than a solid strip of plastic. Financial Solutions Rewards ... What to grow on a windy balcony and honeysuckle tips, by garden expert Helen Yemm ... pots four years ago to form … Even though all of the above options are generally effective solutions, you need to take a good look at your area, and consider every little aspect. There’s no need to worry about how well these will hold up because they’re usually very high quality, and resistant to UV and water, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. I have a lovely South facing, top floor terrace - which is unfortunately very windy. ... Deck Canopy Balcony P100 Series (12'x8', Navy Blue) $459.99. It can be very windy or drafty on the balcony. Windy balcony problem. Despite its standard designs and features, a couple of them may have special features and properties to withstand varying atmospheric conditions, and also to keep out strong winds effectively. Maintenance is quite easy when it comes to outdoor shades. 5. Living wind screens can be extremely effective in shielding a patio from wind -- and because many building codes don't put height restrictions on hedges and shrubs as they do for fencing, you can create a taller screen that provides even more protection for the patio. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. Sue Marling and Fay Sweet’s Suffolk garden is in a windy area, but it is colourful and feels sheltered. ... Balconies can also get windy so large planters are a must in most cases of balcony garden ideas.